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BIO for Allan Sabo:

         Experienced - 21(plus) years experience in Marketing, 13 years marketing information technology, software and dot.coms.

         Start-up Expertise - Formulated strategies and action plans that launched 8 start-ups resulting in 6 acquisitions and 1 IPO. Consulted on the launch of over 40+ other start-up ventures. (see my portfolio)

         Proven Successful Co-founded the Internets' SECOND EVER interactive advertising network. The network quickly out-performed other advertising networks. The company raised $40 million in venture funding and then had a successful IPO in 1998. The company is currently traded on NASDAQ under trading symbol TFSM.

         Effective Marketer - Achieved a 31% market penetration for software product launch using Internet marketing, e-commerce & affiliate network sales exclusively.

         Bottom Line Focus - Consistently increased revenues by 500+% on an annual basis for a sports media network utilizing effective market segmentation & product positioning techniques.

         Capital Raising Abilities - Raised $2.1 million in equity financing from local angel investors for own ventures. Helped or participated in over 80 ventures that sought funding, and has experienced a 70% funding (success) ratio that collectively secured nearly $100 million in capital investments ranging from $10,000 to $40 million.

         Entrepreneurial Creativity - Founded the first "Virtual Intellectual Business Incubator", a for-profit business incubator / consortium of specialists that focused on helping "Idea-preneurs" throughout the U.S.
Idea-preneurs are people with ideas, but no knowledge of how to turn them into businesses.  
- An incubator identifies and actively nurtures potential business ventures typically compensated in revenue participation and equity interest in the business.

         Helps Others Succeed - Lead a team of 12 specialists that in six years, saw hundreds of "idea-plans" and worked with 30 budding Idea-preneurs to successfully spin-out over 40 ventures generating a healthy 5000% return for all participants.


         New Business Developer - Developed marketing campaigns that drove over 30 small business contracts to a young web development company during a 6-month time span totaling over $203,750.  

         Proven New Markets  Created $101,350 in CRITICAL "first-customer" sales using effective test marketing campaigns to prove new business market opportunities for 3 different start-up companies.  

         Intuitive Visionary - Identifies & capitalizes on emerging market opportunities to successfully drive business growth while calculating and managing risk exposure for optimal revenue growth.

         Technologically Astute - High degree of understanding to tactically implement and integrate pay-per-click, e-mail, RSS, blogs, podcasting and search engine optimization, and interactive advertising campaigns effectively.

         Broad Skill Set - Experienced in new product development, marketing strategies & planning, campaign management, e-commerce implementations, market research, product pricing & detailed competitive analysis.

         Experienced Business Planning - Created compelling business plans, marketing plans and capital funding strategies that were essential in soliciting numerous angel and venture capital investors.

         New Product Introduction Expert - Achieved superior product acceptance by combining market research with covert competitive intelligence to tactically influence effective pricing, differentiation, and segmentation strategies.

         Technologically Insightful - Created the functional specifications and usability interfaces for numerous web-based applications and modules for use as Application Services.  Modules included: content management / syndication, ad-management, links engine, affiliate program management, poll manager, survey manager, and a rules engine.

         New Media / On-Line Publishing Expertise - Pioneered innovative performance based freelance compensation and work-flow model.  Introduced ideas of taxonomy to contextually re-distribute minor content assets. Leveraged content assets for syndication to off-line media.

         Accomplished Business Negotiator - Successfully negotiated numerous high-stakes contracts, acquisitions and strategic business alliance relationships

         Effective Public Speaker - Delivers about 3 major presentations annually to between 30 and 500 attendees at national marketing and Internet trade group conferences.

         Outspoken Community & Industry Activist - Proactive in numerous trade groups like the National Business Incubators Association, The Association of Internet Professionals, The American Marketing Association and the Northeast Ohio Software Association.  Fills key leadership roles in the MarCat Resident Retention Community Action Team of the Connection Series.

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