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strategic management & operations, competitive intelligence Entrepreneurial & Small Business Mentoring
Initiatives to assist the typical entrepreneur / small business owner to capitalize on their strengths, minimize weaknesses and develop essential habits and disciplines necessary for optimal growth and profitability. Services include:

Business Planning: Writing business plans, corporate, divisional or project in scope.

Venture Tuning: Investigate options and alternatives to modify a business model.

Entrepreneurial Coaching: Working with entrepreneurs to stay focused, and achieve milestones for continued growth.

Competitive Strategy: Collaborate with founders to craft long-term strategies to deal with competitive threats and advance into areas of opportunity.

Corporate Discipline: Work with founders to develop and implement appropriate business systems and disciplines to achieve optimal efficiencies. 

Business Process Automation: Develop and implement automated business systems for optimal efficiency.

Governance Development: Assist with the identification and recruitment of board of directors, advisors and key strategic alliances. 

Advisory: Executive and Board level decision and tactical support








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