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Allan Sabo

How Would You Know if You NEEDED Us?  

Laura Orsini

How Could Increased Credibility Help You Grow Your Business? (9 min)

Establish Yourself as a Credible Expert & Get


IMPLIED TRUST and AUTHORITY with your ideal customers


CONNECT with your prospects when they are most PRIMED TO HEAR YOUR MESSAGE 

Added JOINT VENTURE opportunities

Provide IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of your value


Easily attract more QUALIFIED PROSPECTS


Is the Credibility Building Secrets Revealed e-class for you?
  • Are you the first call that your target market makes when they need your product or service?  

  • If you're not getting the first call, do you know who is? 

  • Do you have more experience, a better service or a unique advantage of your leading competitor? 

  • Whomever your prospects call first is who has established expert credibility among your potential customers.

  • If your NOT the first call, then this e-class is for you!

Do you know why some people labeled as "experts" enjoy more public credibility than their peers who may have more extensive experience and expertise?

The Secrets of Building and Leveraging Expert Credibility are Revealed!

Here is what you will learn in this powerful and intensive training class:


What CREDIBILITY really is, and why it matters 
(Hint: it's NOT your reputation!!!)

Why it is ESSENTIAL to purposefully build your credibility

8 PROVEN methods and techniques for building credibility

5 CREATIVE TECHNIQUES to leverage your expert credibility

How to LEVERAGE credibility to...

  • Develop trust and confidence among your prospects

  • Add legitimacy to your endeavors

  • Differentiate yourself from your competition

  • Enhance your reputation

  • Build your brand equity

The information, techniques and strategies shared in this comprehensive class are priceless.

What's Included in the 
Credibility Building Secrets Revealed e-class?

This intense credibility building training class is filled with information that you can begin to apply material immediately after you finish the class.  

The entire course is packaged to give you the option to choose the best method of learning that is ideal for YOUR learning style.

This e-class includes:


STREAMING AUDIO: If you prefer to listen while in front of your computer, we have broken this nearly 90 minute course into 3 equal sections to make listening and retention a little more comfortable. 

DOWNLOADABLE .MP3 FILES:  If you prefer, download the three MP3 files, and then either synch them with your iPod or burn them to a CD.  This option is great if you want to take the course material with you on the go, or if you'd like to lay back in your comfy easy chair. (Also great for learning by repetition)

40 PAGES OF TRANSCRIPTS: If you would prefer to read, or just follow along with the audio, we've included the entire transcript for the class, outlined in easy to follow formatting.  (You can even print the pages out and bind them as a quick and easy reference manual!)

NOTES OUTLINE / CHEAT-SHEET: Engage your senses and increase your retention with our fill-in-the-blanks notes pages. 

ANSWER KEY: Missed a blank in the notes out-line?  Don't sweat it, check your cheat-sheet with the completed notes outline / answer key to make sure you found every hidden gem in this amazing course.  

BONUS MATERIAL: This package includes 3 incredible bonuses that are directly related to building and leveraging your expert credibility and alone, are worth every penny you've paid for this e-class.


Listen to what past students have had to say about "Credibility Building Secrets Revealed":

I really enjoyed the tele-class presented by Allan & Laura. Their chemistry together was strong and they worked well at explaining what would other wise be a very difficult amount of information and they did it within an hour.
I especially liked the simple way they walked us through all of our options for creating credibility that really provided me with a great education on the best ways to go about it. I was not altogether unfamiliar with many of the options however, I was unaware of many barriers of entry when it came to exercising those options. I am wiser now and will be able to save alot of time and money that could have been spent on trial and error.
It was also great to know that their is a group out their that I can connect with who has obviously done the hardest part of the job and offers not only their knowledge but also their connections and system that can be plugged into. It certainly makes my role much easier and I can focus on what I do best.
G. Duane Lawrence
President/DIrector of Counseling
New Life Dynamics Counseling Center


Thanks Laura and Allan! I listened in to your recent teleclass < what you shared was valuable, practical, and incredible information. You two are quite a team. I'd suggest you change your name to the IN-Credibility Experts!
Rebecca Joy
Phoenix Fire-Fighter


Wow! Did you pack that 90 minutes with valuable -'invaluable' information or what! I was thinking of listing one main thing I took away from the call.  That became a formidable task.  Every single piece of information was invaluable.

Linda Bourassa
Level Marketing
White Rock BC Canada


You guys are fantastic!  I clearly see how my "credibility" is something completely different than my experience or my reputation.  You provided so many excellent, practical credibility building strategies, I'll begin to implement them immediately to leverage my expertise and reputation so future prospects are drawn to me like a moth to a flame..

Tina Kennedy
Mortgage Adviser


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In Less Than 90 Minutes and for 
Less Than a Moderately Priced Dinner  
You Can Begin Applying The Secrets of Building and 
Leveraging Your Expert Credibility to 

Grow Your Business
, Increase Awareness  
and Get Your Prospects to Call You 
BEFORE They Call Your Competition!


Whether your an entrepreneur, business owner, service professional or even an employee, EVERYONE needs to take a more involved and active approach to building, protecting and leveraging your credibility as an EXPERT and LEADER in your field or industry.

Funny, (and somewhat sad), thing is that even though everyone needs to take this course, and implement every suggestion, every tip and every trick to build, protect and leverage your expert credibility - Few of you actually will.



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Credibility Building Secrets Revealed eClass  $37.77

Nearly 90 minutes of streaming audio


Companion MP3 Files


40 pages of transcripts


Fill-in-the-blanks outline / notes


Quick study cheat sheet / answer key


3 incredible bonuses

--- BEST VALUE: --- 
Complete Credibility Building Secrets Revealed eClass


Why is there no substantial discount?  

How come there are not thousands of dollars in bonuses to "sweeten the deal"?

Simple.  We know that emerging Credible Experts like yourself see through these tactics for what they are, ploys to boost the "perception of value".  Lets face it, all those things are more of a distraction, and create more overwhelm than create actual value and few intelligent people really fall for this tactic anyway.

So rather than inflate our price, just to discount it or clutter this page with dozens of irrelevant bonuses, we decided to stay focused, stay true to the objective of the material and trust that you would see the value of the material on its own merit.


If you don't feel this eCourse was worth every penny you paid, then call or e-mail us for a full 100% refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death ¯ Earl Wilson


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