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email marketing strategies website positioning strategies website usability analysis eMarketing Initiatives
Initiatives are action oriented / deliverable driven with a task level focus to achieve results in all aspects of eCommerce. Services include:

Media Purchasing: Buying web display advertising and managing conversion to ROI.

E-Mail Marketing: From list development to campaign testing and implementation, with detailed back-end performance reporting to maximize results.

Pay-Per-Click: Management of cost effective performance based campaigns to achieve targeted results at an optimal ROI.

Search Engine Optimization: Advising search engine optimization teams at the start of an SEO project to improve strategy, effectiveness and ROI for the client. 

Affiliate Networks: Development and management of website sales affiliate strategies as an effective sales channel. 

Web Usability: Work with designers at the start of a web design project to integrate web usability and build a web site right the first time.

Buy Flow Analysis: Work with designers to optimize the on-line purchase process to minimize abandonment and increase add-on sales for greater visitor to conversion ratios.










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