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Increase Your Chances of Raising Capital 
for Your Business From *10% to over 70%!

*According to the "Money Tree Report" by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, fewer than 2% of firms seeking venture capital obtain funding.  In another study of 8 top US banks, fewer than 15% of business loan applications receive funding. Averaging the data and sample sizes, it is estimated that NO MORE than 10% of all ventures seeking capital get funded.

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How Would You Use the Extra
to Grow Your Business?

  1. Hire additional personnel
  2. Outsource some of the work that's bogging you down
  3. Hire specialized consultants
  4. Invest in trusted advisors
  5. Strengthen your management team
  6. Create a new product
  7. Explore international opportunities
  8. Open a new location
  9. Move into a larger office/space
  10. Buy your own building
  11. Create or purchase a franchise
  12. File for a patent
  13. Get legal help to review contracts
  14. Update your computers
  15. Build a better Web site
  16. Develop custom software
  17. Purchase new equipment
  18. Purchase brochures and other marketing collateral
  19. Increase your public relations efforts
  20. Test alternative advertising channels

Break Through The Barriers That Hold You Back!

The practical plain language advice found in the Marketing for Money audio book is designed for businesses of all sizes, in any industry and at any stage of its lifecycle whether your venture needs funding now or not.



What Will You Learn?

  • A proven system for soliciting investment capital - Our graduates have achieved a 70% success ratio. Yes, that's right, I'll say it again, 7 in 10 companies that have followed this program have gotten funded!

  • Discover a process for adapting your business to take advantage of the Marketing for Money system.

  • Know when is the best time to seek funding, and why you should start seeking ASAP, regardless if you need it or not.

  • How to save precious hours by eliminating the time spent chasing capital by learning how to position your offering to attract quality investors to you - That's right, some of our graduates have actually spent their time being courted and reviewing proposals from numerous capital sources.

  • Understand the hidden principals of capital, funding and investing in simple, easy to understand plain English, and learn how to use these principals to give your business an unfair advantage.

  • Learn a rock solid strategy to identify and solicit funding sources that many business owners never knew even existed and how to match the right source with your offer.

What is a System Like "Marketing for Money" Worth?
  • What would shaving months off your search for funding be worth to you in opportunity cost?

  • Where would your business be, what would you do? What would your sales be?

  • What would you have to pay a "matchmaker"? (Most charge and up-front free PLUS a finders fee).

  • What is it costing you by NOT having the funding you need to grow your business TODAY?

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Practical Strategies For Funding Small Businesses

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What's in the Package?

  • You get 2+ hours (and growing) of audio as downloadable .MP3 files or as streamed audio you can play through your browser, (browser with current flash plug-in required).

  • We walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how the system works, and how you can apply it to your small business.

  • Downloadable .PDF e-book supplement includes: (free Adobe acrobat reader required)

    • Quick reference outline of the entire audio program.

    • Bonus articles not covered in the audio.

    • Various templates, diagrams and charts.

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  • One years access to our members area that includes:

    • Bonus interviews with investment specialists, venture capitalists, angel investors and other experts where they cough up their secrets and reveal all their hot buttons.

    • One year subscription to our "Interviews with Entrepreneurs - Real Rags to Riches Stories", where we show how others are successfully using the Marketing for Money formula to launch multi-million dollar businesses.

    • All upgrades and revisions

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About the Author:

Author Allan Sabo Head Shot - (venture capital investment funds - angel capital, equity investment and other money sources like debt, and grants for small companies)    
Mr. Allan Sabo's career spans 21+ years over which time he has had numerous accomplishments and is a self described "serial entrepreneur".  He states, "I've just got a knack for starting, growing and selling companies - but, then again so did my parents." At the age of 16, Mr. Sabo joined his parents in the family owned art gallery and picture framing business. "I really have to credit my parents, they taught me so much", Sabo describes.
A brief synopsis of some of Mr. Sabo's accomplishments include: 
  • Youngest person to ever get a joint venture marketing alliance with the U.S. Olympic Committee - the alliance was so successful that it was spun off to form the Olympic Properties of the U.S. (OPUS). OPUS is a domestic marketing alliance between the International Olympic Committee, the U.S. Olympic Committee and each of 43+ sports' National Governing Bodies.

  • During the boom, Mr. Sabo formed 8 of his own ventures. Several of his ventures grew to significant scale both in revenues and in sales.  One venture in particular had a team of over 1,000 people.

  • One of Sabo's successes was an Interactive Advertising Network that had an Initial Public Offering, (IPO) on NASDAQ, (ticker symbol TFSM). Through that process, Sabo and his team raised over $40 million in venture capital.

  • Another of Sabo's early victories was his creation of a for-profit business incubator that broke many traditional business incubation rules and operated more as a virtual intellectual alliance to "Idea-preneurs" - people with ideas, but no knowledge of how to turn them into businesses.

  • Allan's team of 12 business specialists formed the "Virtual Intellectual Business Incubator" and together, they saw hundreds of "idea-plans" and eventually spun out over 40 ventures.  An incubator identifies and nurtures potential business ventures often for an equity interest in the business.

  • Currently, Sabo is President of ALTI Success Strategies, a virtual, retained full-service marketing agency with 16 expert specialists and was founded in 2002.  Many of ALTI's clients have sought out Allan specifically for his abilities to aid small businesses through his "marketing for money" funding formula.

  • Further, Mr. Sabo is diligently working on his 9th venture - more details to come in late 2005.

  • All tolled, Sabo has helped or participated in over 80 ventures that sought funding, and has experienced a 70% funding ratio that collectively secured nearly $100 million in capital investments ranging from $10,000 to $40 million.

Take Your Business to a Whole New Level!

The Marketing for Money capital funding formula is so profound, it will not only change your business...

It will change your life!


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fund your dream business - practical advice for business, any size, any type, any stageMarketing for Money: Practical Strategies for Funding Your Dream Business.Secret system results in 7 fold increase of securing investment capital and venture funding for small businessesadvice angel business businesses capital capitalists company companies debt equity fund funding funds grants growth invest investment money practical raise results secret secure securing sources strategy success system venture

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