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Are You Breathing? 


Dear Friend & Colleague,

Just a quick thought for you today...

I sent an email last about GreenZap, the company that will try to quickly become PayPal's #1 competitor this summer.

Maybe you didn't get my e-mail. I can't imagine any other reason why you wouldn't have visited my link by now so I could GIVE YOU $25.00

This is very real, and people who take advantage of this NOW will be in a position to make a lot of $ with very little effort.

Once you signup FOR FRE.E at Green-Zap you will not only receive $25.00 from me; you'll also be able to use your own link to give $25.00 to as many people as you like. 

In addition, there are some fantastic rewards for doing so.

So let's get paid to give away money. Hmmmm...a pretty tough decision, isn't it?

There are people who have built communities of thousands already and they though they officially launched on June 1st with over 200,000 registered members.  Plus, they wil soon be announcing how you can use your GreenZap account to pay for products sold on eBay, Target and PetSmart.

If you need some additional info, I have an overview at 

I just can't imagine why someone who is breathing wouldn't take advantage of getting $25.00 from me without any cost or obligation. 

I also can't imagine why anyone with a pulse would ignore a chance to give away $25.00 to everyone they know...their lists, their customers, etc. THERE IS NOTHING TO LOSE HERE! 

Sure, there will be naysayers and the negative types who just can't figure out why a company would do this. (but I have news for you, PayPal did it when they started, and it worked for them just 5 years ago, and the company sold for $1.3 Billion! 

What if this doesn't work out as planned? It didn't cost anyone a penny to give it a shot, so who cares? I'm certainly not going to feel bad about sharing something with people that has this type of upside potential. If someone feels I have blemished my reputation by trying to help people with this, so be it. I won't ever stop trying to help people.

The possibilities are endless with this program. The question goes back to...are you alive, with breath and a pulse? 

Don't let this pass you by. Everyone on the Net is going to hear about this, so why not let it be YOU who refers them?

Have a great week!

Allan Sabo

PS: Remember, you may need to enter the promo code "freegift" to get your $25 gift from me.

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