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Are You Zappy Yet? 


Dear Friend,

Have you heard about GreenZap yet?

GreenZap is a NEW global online payment solution provider, just like PayPal (but better) and they just started on June 1st, 2005. 

GreenZap (like PayPal) provides a fast, easy-to-use and secure way for you to safely send, receive and do just about anything with money online. GreenZap can be used to purchase goods and services on EBay, Yahoo Auctions, Craig's list, or any number of other consumer-driven sales sites. 

Yea, I know they are just 20 days young (and as always, there can be some risks dealing with a young upstart) but did you realize that PayPal was only 5 years old when it sold to eBay for $1.3 Billion? 

Whats more is how fast PayPal grew. Founded in July of 1999, Paypal launched its service in November of 1999. In March of 2000, PayPal was acquired by and by May (just 6 months after its launch) had raised $100 million in VC funding (bringing their total to $127.5 million). The Paypal & merger boasted 1.5 million account holders creating a daily throughput of $2 million... Thats right, I said "DAILY"!

How did Paypal grow so fast? 

Its easy, they used cash rewards as an incentive to tell others. They offered $20 you can give away, and $10 when that person signed up to collected their cash gift. 

This is where
GreenZap gets better. You can give away a $25 reward (which I am giving to you now by clicking on this link) and, when you sign-up, you'll get the chance to earn $20 for every person you refer (along with lots of bonuses and rewards the more people you refer and the more they refer).

In just 20 days since their launch,
GreenZap has added hundreds of thousands of new users, and is poised to become the next great Internet break-out success. 

Won't you join us now before its too late? 

Join us, and help us grow the GreenZap community, join TODAY! (its totally free)

Simply click on the link below: 

Let the zapping begin!

Allan Sabo

PS: Remember, you may need to enter the promo code "freegift" to get your $25 gift from me.

PayPal History reference

GreenZap Pre-Launch Promotional Materials 

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