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It's All About Capital 

August 1, 2005


I have four very special treats for you in this issue of my newsletter. Please keep reading...

FIRST: My newest article is called, "39 Reasons Why Businesses of Every Size Should ALWAYS Be Ready to Seek Capital".

SECOND: A list of appearances where I will be giving a presentation entitled, "Practical Capital-Raising Strategies for Start-ups and Small Businesses".

THIRD: Information on how you can sign up to get a pre-release copy of my latest e-book on funding and e-course on outsourcing.

FOURTH: An invitation to attend a free tele-seminar I am giving with Laura Orsini, of eBook Essentials on "Building Credibility Through Publishing"

39 Reasons Why Businesses of Every Size 
Should ALWAYS Be Ready to Seek Capital

by Allan Sabo

Opportunity Knocks
Imagine this scene: You've just hung up the phone with a prospective client who intends to retain your firm or purchase a quantity of your product that would increase your annual revenues by better than 50 percent.

The client is not shopping, meaning the project or sale is yours, unless you create a reason to lose it. Financially, your business has been growing, but you're already stretched a little thin from upgrading your computer systems and putting down that deposit on some new equipment.

You're ecstatic at the prospect of landing this client - the exposure alone is priceless! This is the big break you've been praying for that will catapult your business to the "next level." You ponder what such an opportunity would mean for you, personally - allowing yourself that long-deserved raise, getting your son the braces he needs, and treating yourself and your spouse to a full 2-week Hawaiian vacation.

Reality Sets In
Then, like a cold splash of water on your face, you wake up from your daydream, as a flood of fears begins to pour through you. Your mind reels with thoughts like:

ďIím going to need to get that $5,000 certification Iíve been putting off.Ē

ďIíll have to add a part-time assistant for $2,000 a month.Ē

ďOh, and then weíre going to need a larger space ó that will run $3,000 for the move and $600 a month in additional rent.Ē

You have 72 hours to accept the contract. The downside, or risk, of accepting a sizable contract with such a high-profile client is that, should you fail to perform or deliver, you would lose your fees, plus be liable for an expense reimbursement to the client that could cost you as much as $50,000. You must also factor in that your first payment on the dream contract is three months away.

As your mind rushes . . . you calculate the costs and how youíll pay for it all. Youíre going to need at least $17,600 (curtailing your benefits to the bare bones) ó and thatís leaving little room for error.

Damn! You want to capitalize on this opportunity, but to do so would constrict your cash flow so much for the next few months that you might not survive to reap the benefits of the contract.

Will You Be Ready?
No one wants to get caught in this situation, but sadly, it happens more often than you might realize. And the worst part of all is that it doesnít have to happen, if you make a strategic plan ahead of time! As long as youíve laid the proper foundation, there are many sources of capital you can turn to, regardless of the type of business youíre in.

Have you laid the groundwork to raise the funds your business will need when that golden opportunity emerges? Will you be able to react and take advantage of a seemingly miraculous chance to grow your business in a huge way?

Whatever the business ó whether youíre a consultant, a freelancer, an independent rep, an Internet business, a franchise, a distributorship, or any other kind of business you can imagine ó opportunities are lost every day when business owners are not prepared to respond because they failed to adequately prepare.

This is all about planning ahead. Itís not necessarily about having money to spend on your business right now; rather, itís about being able to put your hands on money, at a momentís notice, to fulfill a large contract, order, or other fiscal need.

What Could Additional Capital Mean to Your Business?

Additional capital doesnít have to be relegated to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. There are lots of other reasons to raise additional funds that could propel your business forward in a big way. For example, you could:

1.            Provide additional training for your staff

2.            Complete or update special certifications

3.            Attend seminars or workshops in your field ó or a related field

4.            Go back to school for that advanced degree

5.            Take a class

6.            Hire additional personnel

7.            Outsource some of the work thatís bogging you down

8.            Hire specialized consultants

9.            Hire expert freelancers

10.         Invest in trusted advisors

11.         Strengthen your management team

12.         Upgrade your product

13.         Create a new product

14.         Open a new distribution channel

15.         Explore international opportunities

16.         Open a new location

17.         Relocate your business

18.         Move into a larger office/space

19.         Renovate your office/space

20.         Buy your own building

21.         Change your business focus

22.         Create or purchase a franchise

23.         Create or purchase a license

24.         Protect your intellectual property

25.         File for a trademark

26.         File for a patent

27.         Get legal help to review contracts

28.         Update your computers

29.         Build a better Web site

30.         Develop custom software

31.         Upgrade your technology

32.         Purchase new equipment

33.         Invest in a fireproof safe

34.         Improve your marketing

35.         Purchase brochures and other marketing collateral

36.         Increase your public relations efforts

37.         Test alternative advertising channels

38.         Sponsor a community event

39.         Support a local charity

Mistakes to Avoid
Donít make the mistakes most business owners make by either seeking far more capital than their ventures warrant, or thinking they donít need any capital at all. You donít have to use the funds immediately, but you must have a clearly identified source, should the need arise.

Should a super opportunity arise for you, take some time to thoroughly consider the consequences. Donít say no out of hand, but donít accept it in haste, either. Make sure you spend some time determining whether you are realistically positioned to complete the contract. The thing is, it doesnít matter how good the offer is ó if you canít fulfill your end of the deal, no one wins.

Learn How to Find Funding
If you think your business could benefit from additional capital but youíre not certain where to go for funding or how much is appropriate to seek, then you are encouraged to attend my FREE tele-seminar on Monday evening August 22, where I will offer ďPractical Capital-Raising Strategies for Start-ups and Small Businesses.Ē 

To register, please send an e-mail to

Youíve worked hard to build your business to this point. Come learn how to make it even better by securing the funding before you need it!

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Schedule of Appearances:

I will be giving a presentation entitled, "Practical Capital-Raising Strategies for Start-ups and Small Businesses". Learn the insider secrets of the capital markets and how to use these secrets to help you secure funding.

Attendees will walk away with these valuable tips:

  • What is the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs seeking capital

  • What investors really want, besides a return on investment

  • How to make your company so attractive investors will seek you out

  • What source of capital is the most overlooked, yet easiest to secure

  • How to exponentially increase your odds of securing capital

August 22
- ALTI Success Strategies is hosting a FREE tele-seminar on Monday evening.  For more info and details of how to attend this free tele-seminar, please send an e-mail to

Listen to my AUDIO PROMO.

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As always, it is a pleasure to help you grow your business.

Be well.

Allan Sabo
ALTI Success Strategies
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search engine optimization services emarketing consultants strategic marketing web site marketing strategies search engine positioning consulting search engine promotions pay for performance advertising management

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