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Laura Orsini

How Could Increased Credibility Help You Grow Your Business? (9 min)

Let Your Words Speak for You: Increasing Expert Credibility in Your Industry or Profession. (9 min)

Do you have information that could help improve other people's lives or business?

Do you know a SECRET that would make people's lives easier?

Have you claimed your status as an "EXPERT"?

Are you a GREAT MOTIVATOR, or have you learned a VALUABLE LESSON through your own life experiences?

Do you have the PERFECT INFORMATION to offer a niche audience?

Is the message the easy part, but the THOUGHT OF getting it down in WRITING PARALYZING you?

Is there an intangible, invisible something PREVENTING YOU from recording your message and getting it out to the world?


Are you enthusiastic and ready to dive right into your e-book project? I hope so! However, if you feel like there is still much to learn - that you want to get started right away, but . . .




If you have a valuable message to share with the world, but you feel you're too busy, too intimidated, too scattered, too disorganized, too erratic a writer - or if writing a whole book just scares the daylights out of you - there is an easier way to break in to the book business. 

Consider enrolling this exciting new program designed to quickly shepherd you to the successful development of your first co-authored published product.


Quick-Start Book Mentoring & Product Development

What is the Quick-Start Book Mentoring & Product Development program?

The Quick-Start program will enable you to collaborate on a hard copy and e-book project with 24 other authors, each submitting their own "chapter" to form a compilation or anthology. We will work together over the course of about 45 days to get your chapter polished and perfect, and then group all 25 chapters into one collective product.

Best of all, there are no books to buy to clutter up your garage, no physical inventory to manage and you're never left alone trying to figure out how to sell all your books - WE HELP YOU SELL BOOKS FROM DAY ONE!!!


Book Themes:

In which subject are you an expert?

Let's get one thing straight. Expert does not mean you know all there is to know on a given subject. All you must have to be qualified as an expert is more knowledge than most people about a particular thing.

For example, say you're a dog walker by trade. In what areas are you an expert? Animal behavior; the types of pets certain individuals choose; time management; juggling more than one wiggly, excitable creature at a time; walking routes in your area . . . the list could go on and on.

If you're in business for yourself - and making any money at all - you are an expert in your field, area, or specialization.

If you've lived on this planet for as long as you have, no doubt you've had to learn how to overcome adversity to keep moving forward! You are an expert at overcoming obstacles, fear, doubts, and the challenge of nay-sayers to create your personal success. 

You can share your expertise by sharing that story!


The tiniest story in your life can deeply touch another. You can't know the effect your story might have. -- Sark


QUESTION: What are you doing to share your knowledge and expert-ise with others? How can you turn your knowledge into a passive income stream that helps you build credibility in the process?


The Credibility Experts Quick-Start program offers you the option to write and share your story on 3 distinct, yet universal, themes that almost any expert can speak to: 
(click on a theme below to learn more)





The possibilities in any of these 
three arenas are virtually limitless!


The Quick-Start Book Mentoring Process

  1. Tele-Seminar Coaching: Contributors participate in 4 mentoring and coaching tele-seminars:
  2. Brainstorming Chapter/Subject Ideas

  3. Review and Approval of Chapter Contents

  4. Millionaire Marketing Methods (Bonus Tele-Seminar Valued at $199)

  5. Pre-Launch Pep Rally

  6. Topic Selection: Contributors receive assistance in the selection of a topic that expresses their unique position as an expert.

  7. Style & Format Guidelines: Once you decide on a subject or theme for your chapter, all contributors receive style and format guidelines. Each chapter is limited to between 2,000 and 3,000 words.

  8. Editorial Assistance: Contributors receive additional editorial assistance to bring their chapters to scintillating, sparkling perfection.

  9. Biography Development: Each contributor provides a bio, professional head shot, web address and contact information for a back-of-the-book profile area. Book format features FULL-PAGE Author Profiles! (No other compilation offers this.)

  10. eBook Product Development: Chapters and author profiles are coalesced and converted into a companion e-book format, complete with a reader-friendly Table of Contents, and an index, if applicable.

  11. Bonus Audio Development: Each contributor has the option and opportunity to record a 10-minute voice presentation that will be distributed with the e-book as bonus material. (Another feature UNIQUE to the Credibility Experts ebook series.)

  12. Affiliate Marketing Assistance: Each contributor receives marketing "swipe" materials, with guidelines for personal sales techniques and search engine optimization.

  13. The Credibility Experts Books are launched.


Benefits of Participating in the Quick-Start Process


Completion and ownership of a marketable e-book product

Opportunity to position yourself as an expert

Opportunity to create instant credibility in your field

Recognition as a published author

Respect for having co-authored with prominent writers in your field

Direct exposure to your 24 co-authors lists, indirect exposure to another 50 authors participating in the series

Use of a full, e-commerce enabled e-book sales web site and REVERSE affiliate program

Ability to heavily promote and leverage other products, services and continuing education offers

Sell as many books and e-books as you want through your direct and second tier affiliate programs - there are no limits, and no up-front inventories

No hassle with physical book inventory to clutter up your garage

Valuable experience and tools to apply to your business:

Working knowledge of the editorial process

Incorporation of useful brainstorming methodologies

Millionaire Internet Marketing, affiliate marketing and cross-marketing knowledge from industry leaders 

Personal development in the areas of goal-setting, deadlines, and time management

Camaraderie and teamwork with like-minded professionals




Details of the Credibility Experts Package Components

  1. Unlimited e-mail support

  2. Personal one-hour mentoring session

  3. Weekly project plans, task lists and progress accountability system

  4. Monthly Coaching E-Newsletter

  5. Marketing and sales coaching

  6. Participation on a professional Book sales site that is fully e-commerce capable - we handle it all:
  7. Development and maintenance of the Web site

  8. Keyword research

  9. Search engine optimization

  10. Web marketing

  11. E-commerce

  12. Royalty distributions to the authors

  13. Integrated marketing and distribution

  14. Swarm marketing and cross-marketing benefits, which = EXPOSURE

  15. Reverse-affiliate program whereby authors have an opportunity to keep 70% of the profit for all books they sell themselves, whether through e-mail campaigns, marketing from their own Web sites, or by setting up 2nd tier affiliate programs.


Quick-Start Mentoring Tentative Timeline

 June 19th, 2006 - Author participation (brainstorming, writing, editing) begins with initial teleseminar: Brainstorming Chapter/Subject Ideas

July 10th, 2006 - Submission deadline for e-book chapters.

July 24th, 2006 - Second teleseminar: Review and Approval of Chapter Contents

August 7th, 2006 - Third teleseminar: Millionaire Marketing Methods

September 25th - Final teleseminar: Pre-Launch Pep Rally

October 2nd, 2006 - Launch all 3 Credibility Experts Publishing books.

Please Note: This is a working timeline, it is subject to change. However, once tele-seminars are officially scheduled, those dates will be fixed.


Credibility Experts Quick-Start Program Investment

 Investment in the Quick-Start Book Mentoring & Product Development Package is only $1,879* and includes $1,372 in valuable bonuses!

Our bonus list continues to grow, so far, the list includes the following:

One Month Editorial Consulting (value of $599)

Review of Existing Book / Authored Materials (value $299) 

Conversion of Existing Materials to e-Book Format (value $199)

Making the Most of Microsoft Word Tutorial (value $99)

How to Target the Perfect Niche Market Workbook (value $69)

Words Made Easy: Copywriting 101 Tutorial (value $69)

How to Hire a Writer or Editor Booklet (value $19)

How to Create Saleable Bonus Products Booklet (value $19)

Participation is limited to the FIRST 75 people, 25 per book

65, 64, 63, 62, 61, 60, 59, 58, 57 spots remain open!  Don't wait!

For the sake of convenience, you may also opt for
three monthly payments of $692

Credibility Experts Discounts and Referral Programs are also available 
(call Allan Sabo at 206.984.9560 to inquire)




Don't wait!  
Reserve your space today and become the author you always knew you could be!!


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