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Inside Secrets for Retaining Expert Consultants,
Freelancers and Agencies for Your Small Business

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners:

  • Are you overwhelmed working "in" your business as opposed to working "on" your business?

  • Are you too busy keeping up with client demands to properly plan and manage your growth?

  • Do you need an extra set of hands just to help you keep up?

  • Does the thought of hiring or outsourcing stress you out?

  • Have you ever had an unhappy relationship with a consultant, agency, freelancer or contractor?


The #1 reason for business failure is "mismanagement".

Making poor or hasty decisions about hiring, delegating and outsourcing with is the leading source of mismanagement among small companies.


Share the Work - Grow Your Business helps small business owners and entrepreneurs make better labor resources decisions faster and with greater confidence to avoid mismanagement. INCREASING YOUR ODDS OF SUCCESS! 


This six-part e-course covers a total of 50 pages and blows the whistle on many questionable practices used by outsource vendors and so-called "consultants" so you won't fall victim to their unscrupulous practices endangering your future chances of success.

Bonus Material Checklist

While there is over $777 in valuable bonuses included with this course, we felt it was important to bury them within each lesson to incentivize at least an attempt to read each lesson.  

Here's what you'll find:  

  • Bonus #1 - Tips on effective delegation 
    ($10 value)

  • Bonus #2 - 36-point Labor Cost Analysis Microsoft Excel spreadsheet 
    ($199 value)

  • Bonus #3 - $25 free ($25 value)

  • Bonus #4 - How to attract quality, senior service providers using effective performance compensation strategies 
    ($79 value)

  • Bonus #5 - What to look for when selecting vendors to invite to bid on your RFP ($79 value)

  • Bonus #6 - Special 50% discount off of my audio book, "Marketing for Money: Practical Strategies for Funding Your Dream Business" 
    ($38.96 value)

  • Bonus #7 - Creative ways to blend compensation models to develop hybrid compensation strategies 
    ($79 value)

  • Bonus #8 - Annual subscription to ALTI Success Strategies clients-only monthly brainstorming / mastermind tele-conference. 
    ($240 value)

  • Bonus #9 - Get one full hour of one-on-one phone consultation time with Allan Sabo 
    ($100 value)

Total Bonus Value = $777.96



Table of Contents:

1. Human Resource Strategies
2. Basic Service Offerings
3. Understanding Provider Overhead
4. Three Basic Compensation Models
5. The Truth About Service Fees
6. Developing Your Ideal Strategy

The course is delivered via e-mail; one chapter every 3 days.



About the Author:

Author Allan Sabo Head Shot - (venture capital investment funds - angel capital, equity investment and other money sources like debt, and grants for small companies)    
Mr. Allan Sabo's career spans 21+ years over which time he has had numerous accomplishments and is a self described "serial entrepreneur".  He states, "I've just got a knack for starting, growing and selling companies - but, then again so did my parents." At the age of 16, Mr. Sabo joined his parents in the family owned art gallery and picture framing business. "I really have to credit my parents, they taught me so much", Sabo describes.
A brief synopsis of some of Mr. Sabo's accomplishments include: 
  • Youngest person to ever get a joint venture marketing alliance with the U.S. Olympic Committee - the alliance was so successful that it was spun off to form the Olympic Properties of the U.S. (OPUS). OPUS is a domestic marketing alliance between the International Olympic Committee, the U.S. Olympic Committee and each of 43+ sports' National Governing Bodies.

  • During the boom, Mr. Sabo formed 8 of his own ventures. Several of his ventures grew to significant scale both in revenues and in sales.  One venture in particular had a team of over 1,000 people.

  • One of Sabo's successes was an Interactive Advertising Network that had an Initial Public Offering, (IPO) on NASDAQ, (ticker symbol TFSM). Through that process, Sabo and his team raised over $40 million in venture capital.

  • Another of Sabo's early victories was his creation of a for-profit business incubator that broke many traditional business incubation rules and operated more as a virtual intellectual alliance to "Idea-preneurs" - people with ideas, but no knowledge of how to turn them into businesses.

  • Allan's team of 12 business specialists formed the "Virtual Intellectual Business Incubator" and together, they saw hundreds of "idea-plans" and eventually spun out over 40 ventures.  An incubator identifies and nurtures potential business ventures often for an equity interest in the business.

  • Currently, Sabo is President of ALTI Success Strategies, a virtual, retained full-service marketing agency with 16 expert specialists and was founded in 2002.  Many of ALTI's clients have sought out Allan specifically for his abilities to aid small businesses through his "marketing for money" funding formula.

  • Further, Mr. Sabo is diligently working on his 9th venture - more details to come in late 2005.


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