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Allan's ability to read the needs of our organization, is something no one has been able to do so far. We have saved because Allan knew what we needed right away and knew how to coach us to those conclusions in spite of the way it's always been done. We are very happy with Allan and are looking forward to our continued relationship with him.

-- Duane Lawrence / President, New Life Dynamics, Phoenix, AZ.




Allan possesses incredible market foresight that borders on clairvoyance. He executes with a creative, innovative style and flare that I have come to respect, value and revere. It has been an honor to work alongside what I feel is one of the brightest, talented individuals I have ever known. 

-- M. K. / CEO, Cleveland, OH.




Allan Sabo is a master strategist, in the very best sense of the word! While I am a fabulous idea person, the challenge for me has always been implementing my concepts. After carefully listening and asking appropriate questions, Allan was able to help me develop a specific, practical, actionable plan that I was able to put into effect immediately. 

-- Laura Orsini / eBook Workshop Instructor and Copywriter, Phoenix, AZ.




I have had the pleasure working with Allan during his time with MediaBlox. Allan lead a team of innovative entrepreneurs that built a successful business. Allan's attention to detail and creative marketing approach was a large part of the company's success. Allan is a top-flight professional with proven entrepreneurial skills and abilities. 

-- T. Z. / CEO, Business Results, Cleveland, OH.




Alan's expertise in the interactive and traditional marketing space is second to none. His true consultancy approach has helped companies grow and succeed. I highly recommend his services. 

-- Amanda Vega / PR Consultant, Phoenix, AZ.




I can't begin to tell how impressed I am with all Allan's good work, especially with his expertise in the area of marketing and advertising. Allan is a very helpful, intense, perceptive guy. He quickly identifies all the gaps on several different levels and provides intelligent help by sharing test results that are applicable to improving conversion rates. 

-- Phillip Patel / CEO,, Costa Mesa, CA.




We have started working with Allan Sabo at ALTI Consulting and have been very impressed by his in-depth knowledge and advice. He has been very helpful getting us focused on the necessary requirements for an improved revenue-generation model for our business.
-- Patsy Barnes / Owner,, Salt Lake City, UT.




ALTI consulting has been providing Marketing, Strategy and Entrepreneurial Coaching services to my firm over a year now. Allan Sabo has always been prompt, organized and knowledgeable. He manages to consistently deliver measurable progress with ongoing tasks and I appreciate his ability to switch hats as needed. 

-- Peter Goldstein / CEO, Nistar Data, Cleveland, OH.




…Allan had designed a very thorough affiliate partner program that was one of the best I have ever seen. In addition, he has devised impressive promotions / marketing campaigns that even in this tough economy managed to deliver higher than expected results. 

-- B. J. / CEO, Chicago, IL.




Under Allan's leadership, consistently grew its revenues and viability was eminent. I commend Allan for taking chances, and being relentless in the pursuit of revenues during challenging economic times. 

-- Dr. L. L. / Angel Investor in 2 of Sabo's start-ups, Sharon, PA.




Allan is an expert in marketing and business coaching. From business planning and consulting, to coaching and development of plans that over-achieve their desired results, Allan's execution of online marketing programs and his personal and professional connections provide you with the tools you need for measurable business success. 

-- Mark Shander / CTO, WPHX Radio, Phoenix, AZ.




Allan has been a valuable supporter of and contributor to He has keen insight into the dynamics of how people and organizations interact to create something bigger than the individual parts. I have appreciated his creativity, his thinking "outside the box," and his vision of how to achieve success. 

-- Mark Dixon / CEO, Network Handshake, Phoenix, AZ.




In the short time Allan was involved with the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group, he was willing to volunteer information and take part in meetings. My impression of Allan was/is that he is bright, articulate, and well versed in both marketing and technology. 

-- Chris King / President, Greater Cleveland PC Users Group, Cleveland, OH.




I am impressed with Allan's successful launch of 24/7 - a pioneer company that was years ahead of others within the Internet advertising industry. 

-- Sean Hayes / Entrepreneur, Phoenix, AZ.




Allan Sabo understands what resources are valuable and after assessing your needs he provides expert counsel and directs you to the most appropriate and on-point resources to get the job done.
-- Nathan Slovin / Owner, Slovin Group, Phoenix, AZ.



Allan assisted with the development of a business model for a business that I was trying to expand. His help was quite valuable and thorough. I found him to be talented and he displayed the ability to listen carefully as we worked our way through my goals as the founder and president. I highly encourage people to use Allan's talents.

-- Jim Gentrup / President, Provident Equity Research, Phoenix, AZ.




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