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HOW can ALTI's rates be nearly ONE-HALF of other, less experienced consultants
and full-service Marketing Agencies?

There are 2 basic reasons WHY ALTI's rates are so low:
  1. As "hourly retained" consultants, we do not produce proposals, calculate estimates or prepare quotes to complete "projects" (unless we have been retained to do so).  These activities drastically reduce available billable hours by sharply increasing the time needed to write, plan and prepare project estimates - all unbillable activities.  By minimizing non-billable time, YOUR rates can be lowered accordingly

  2. Our policy is to require payment in advance.  By maintaining zero receivables, we have no collections, billing or statements to prepare. These activities reduce the amount of administrative overhead in terms of costs and hours. Therefore, with even more billable time available and lower costs, YOUR hourly rates can be lowered even further.

You benefit from substantially lower fees if you:

  • Require the talent of a proven, experienced executive
  • Are task driven
  • Are results oriented
  • Need immediate action, yet have flexible deadlines  
  • Are disciplined with your funds
  • Can dedicate an on-going "operating" budget if needed  
  • Prefer to retain the outsourced resources to complete the required tasks
  • Are opposed to taking on the commitment of hiring full-time staff


Are you uncertain if retaining an outsourced hourly agency is right for you?  

Please check out our on-line e-course: 

"Share the Work - Grow Your Business: Inside Secrets for Retaining Expert Consultants, Freelancers and Agencies for Your Small Business."

The #1 reason for business failures is "miss-management" or making poor decisions.  This course is designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs make better labor resources decisions faster.  

This six-part e-course covers a total of 50 pages and blows the whistle on many questionable practices used by outsource vendors, agencies and so-called "consultants". Includes over $700 of added bonuses.  Written by ALTI Success Strategies President, Allan Sabo.


website marketing plan web marketing strategy e-mail marketing services internet marketing management consulting

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